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Bridal Shower Games

Party Ideas

To add to the fun of the shower it can be a good idea to have a selection of games and other activities that are appropriate for the event. Making your own fun - Give a shower or wedding day an very special touch with corsages and have a great look and individuality.

Treasure Hunt

Carefully prepare for this activity and everyone will have a really fun time at the party!

Planning & Organizing A Treasure Hunt

This party game needs a …continue reading…

Pass The Parcel Game Instructions

Here’s an old favorite that always creates some excitement at a kids’s party!

Pass The Parcel

Securing each layer with tape, wrap a small gift in lots of …continue reading…

Musical Chairs Game Ideas

Give the kids a great time by organizing this fun activity!

Musical Chairs

To play this popular kids’ game first a row of alternate facing chairs – one for each child – is set up. The kids then …continue reading…

How to Play Hot Potato

This fun party game is definitely going to be a Hot Favorite with all the kids.

Hot Potato Fun

To play the game you will need …continue reading…

Duck Duck Goose Ideas

Duck Duck Goose

Duck Duck Goose is a popular party game for young kids.
To play, first sit the kids down facing each other in a circle. Then choose one child – this is usually the party boy or girl – to be ‘it’. He or she then has to …continue reading…

Pin the Tail on the Donkey Instructions

Birthday Fun With Pin the Tail on the Donkey

For this popular kids’ party game you will need a large picture of a donkey without a tail – though don’t worry about the …continue reading…

Kids Party Fun

Next, children’s party games, these are always memorable. Pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, duck duck goose, and hot potato, treasure hunt, tug of war and blindman’s buff are all children’s party favorites. You will also need …continue reading…

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